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Okay, okay. We get it. You need to see for yourself that there are respectable, intelligent people out there, willing to stick their necks out to tell you that we're as good as we say we are. 

So, here you go. Not a bad group, huh? 

One favor - while you're reading, chew on this: Our success is measured by just one thing: Yours. And did we mention that P&P's been in this business for more than 14 years? Or that referrals generate 90% of all of our new business? 

Yeah. We just thought we'd mention that.

Endorsements From Organizations

"Camille Primm was the first learning consultant I had the pleasure of working with during my first year at Qualcomm. She’s easy and accommodating; flexible and smart – she made our partnership a dream. Our employees love her and her classes are always at capacity. We have an extremely diverse culture at QC and Camille can relate brilliantly to everyone and always makes a tremendous impact."

- Victoria Nardone
Sr. Learning Specialist
Qualcomm Learning Center
San Diego, CA

"I have worked in multiple capacities with Camille Primm for the last five years, and have found her to be the most engaging, insightful, and professional coach and consultant. She is a thought leader in the area of job transition and leadership development, and she adds immediate value to any seminar, speaking engagement, or consulting project she is involved with. If I want something done spectacularly, Camille is my go-to resource!"

- Elizabeth Gibson, President,
Society for Human Resource Management
San Diego, CA

"Camille Primm is a treasure! I’ve had the honor to refer her as a speaker for two large groups. One an audience of human resource professionals, the other public agency risk managers. She’s an engaging speaker who uses her humor, intelligence and broad life experience to bring real value to her audience – no matter what the topic. When you add to that her amazing attention to detail and deep personal ethics, you end up with the total package. She is the consummate professional and a delight to work with."

- Jaimee Pittman, CEO
Baron Center, Inc.
San Diego, CA

"Camille is one of the most outstanding facilitators and consultants I have worked with. The evaluations she has earned from participants are the highest I've seen. Camille has the ability to establish rapport with senior level executives as well as entry-level employees with English as a second language. For her excellence and ethics, Camille was recognized as Lee Hecht Harrison's Adjunct Consultant of the Year in 2003 from over 900 freelance consultants. Camille has a wealth of her own experience to draw from, is enthusiastic and engaging with audiences of all sizes and understands the workings of organizations. She is absolutely top notch."

- Leslie Thorp, General Manager,
Senior Vice President
Lee Hecht Harrison

"Over the last decade Camille Primm, with Primm and Partners has made a profound impact on all of my training/development and OD needs. I remember very well the time she came in and led a successful Leading Through Change program for an organization that I was working with was going through a hostile takeover. Numerous employees came up to me afterwards expressing their gratitude and asking for more classes by Camille. She left an indelible impression on these employees and many others that she has worked with through the years – I give Camille the highest recommendation for any training and consulting need."

- Edith Willey
Sr. Executive Development Advisor
Sempra Energy
San Diego, CA

"We recently had the pleasure to invite Camille Primm to conduct a training for our management team on 'Generational Differences - the Multigenerational Workplace'. Camille's presentation style was informative, motivational, and upbeat. Through her warm and engaging manner, Camille was able to impart knowledge upon our management team that will be useful in their daily work life. I am certain that the insight gained from Camille's presentation will enhance our work environment to optimize the professional relationships between the managers and their team members. I highly recommend Camille Primm as a training professional!"

- Roberta Iseff, VP Human Resources
Sage Publications, Inc.
Thousand Oaks, CA

"It is an honor to work with individuals like Camille Primm. Engaging and On Target. I have had the pleasure of working with Camille both individually and with San Diego Society for HR Management. Camille leaves her audience ready and charged to returned to their organizations and perform at top levels. I highly recommend Camille without reservation."

- Maria Ostrowski
Principal, HR Strategic Advantage
VP - Board of Directors,
San Diego Society for Human Resources Management
San Diego, CA

"You are our Superstar! On behalf of our team at New Way, please accept our sincere gratitude for contributing to the overall success of our Team Building Seminar. You made a huge impact on our staff with your high energy and enthusiasm. You nailed all of the points we targeted with ease and presented all the materials in an honest and straightforward manner."

- Jack Renshaw, Senior Vice President
New Way Landscape and Tree Services
San Diego, CA

"Our challenge was figuring out how to give our employees meaningful support and tools for managing their own careers. Although our company has ample programs available for leaders, our training department recognized a need to provide something for employees.

We wanted training that would describe what individual employees could do to increase their chances of success— for example, by planning for their own career development, by managing "up" with grace and diplomacy, by handling interview questions, submitting applications or even by exhibiting professional responses to conflict in the work environment. Our managers wanted to be responsive to employees' requests for help and were looking for innovative and cost effective ways to provide it.

Camille offered a highly workable solution for us. She brought a menu of topics, from which we selected the most appropriate for our environment. She created custom modules from the topics we requested.

The response was outstanding. Her interactive format reinforced the message that employees can take charge of their careers in highly proactive ways, while also offering practical tips and tools to show them how. We are extremely grateful to her for the positive results."

- Kathleen Wheeler, PhD.
HR Performance Consultant
Cox Communications
San Diego, CA


Endorsements From Individuals

"Camille is incredible. Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge were truly inspirational during my recent career shift. She focused on the sources of my personal motivation in order to perform a broad evaluation of my strengths and interests and create a full range of career opportunities. Camille made sure that this career evaluation encompassed both a short and long term career strategy. Her advice during the interviewing and decision making process was particularly helpful. After identifying my current position, Camille’s guidance and knowledge was very helpful in order to develop a long term plan to work towards a more pronounced career transition further into the future."

- Michael Otto, PhD., Senior Scientist
San Diego, CA

"Fantastic, dynamic, talented, Camille is all that and more, She is quick to grasp the situation and implement the right focused strategy. Camile goes well beyond what your expectations are of a career coach."

- Eric Guenette
Marketing and Operations Executive
Carlsbad, CA

"Anyone, no matter how successful, needs mentors that can give them clear, motivating and results-oriented feedback on their "brand" and how best to navigate the current job market. Camille has done an outstanding job, to help me document with clarity, my most marketable skills as well as a targeted strategy to reach out to the people and groups that will make difference in my career. Camille is an influencer in the market and has her hand on the pulse of a vast array of industries and the skill sets that are in demand. She will get you up to speed, to market yourself much more quickly, than if you go at this alone. I highly recommend Camille."

- Jane McKahan-Jones
Marketing Executive
Encinitas, CA

"From Camille's personal involvement with polishing my resume, through her suggestions on interviewing techniques, to her clear headed, steady advice during the final negotiations, Camille's expertise in helping me navigate the intimidating maze of career change and job search has been a godsend."

- Sam Crane
Management and Sales Executive
Florence, South Carolina

"When my corporate job was downsized, Camille worked with me to honestly evaluate my skills. Her guidance helped me realize I could use the insight I'd gained over my career to start my own business.

With her help, I created a customized plan and defined and solidified my goals. Camille was there for me for every step of the way. She provided personal counseling and advice, as well as much-needed enthusiasm and encouragement.

Working with Camille was an investment in my future that has provided so much value! I know I couldn't have done it alone."

-Barbara Janszen Hunter
Director of Marketing, Brand and Communications for Girl Scouts San Diego-Imperial Council, Inc.
San Diego, CA

"After the third layoff in my career, I started to doubt myself and my abilities. Primm & Partners instilled confidence in me. P&P helped me polish my resume and coached me on how to network with other professionals. I learned fresh interviewing and negotiating skills.

Thanks to this work, within three days of my interview I was offered the position. I found out later I'd been competing against five other qualified candidates. I even negotiated for an extra week of vacation and an increase in salary. I highly recommend P&P."

- Phillip Koo, Senior Scientist
San Diego, CA

"I had the pleasure of working with Camille at LHH in both our executive offices in La Jolla and our virtual delivery option. Camille is the standard to which we all aspired. Her facilitation style is outstanding--engaging audiences at ever level. As a coach and performance management expert, she is able to work with equal efficiency at the organizational, group or individual levels. She is well respected in the team, our organization, and the industry as a role model and leader."

- Danielle Beauparlant Moser, Career Consultant
Asheville, NC

"You did a fabulous job of engaging our senior executives. It was a tough topic for them and you were able to draw them out, get them to actively participate and provide them with some great tools."

- Fred Dawn, Senior Vice President
Lee Hecht Harrison
San Diego, CA

"Over the years I have attended many seminars. Camille was an outstanding facilitator and one of the best trainers I have ever experienced. Her knowledge base is extensive and her ability to quickly bond the group impressive."

- Trace A. Wherry-Phillips
Solana Beach, CA

"I was so impressed by the presentation. What is ironic is that I can really apply the techniques to my personal life as well as my work. If every manager coach abided by the coaching model used, things would really move forward with their team."

- S.R., Graduate Student
Chapman University
San Diego, CA

"What an excellent speaker! She made this seminar exciting and very informative."

- K.B.
Greentree Credit
San Diego, CA

"A well-prepared - excellent instructor, one of the best."

"I enjoyed the training very much. A lot of good advice was offered to participants on how to handle tough situations in real life."

"The key points were emphasized and possible solutions were given to questions asked. I'd definitely recommend this class to people who need to polish their coaching skills."

- Nokia, Inc.
Submitted Comments from Workshop Participants
San Diego, CA  |  Vancouver, Canada



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